Idiom:  in and of itself


Idiom:  in and of itself

  • without considering anything else
  • used to emphasize that the particular thing being talked about is enough or true without considering anything else

Example sentences

— I love the balcony in and of itself so I’ve decided to rent the apartment.

— In and of itself, the color of that dress is fabulous.

— Coming to our wedding from Europe was, in and of itself, such a generous gift.

—  Failing one grade isn't in and of itself enough to put you on academic probationprovided you did well in your other classes.

— Throwing up once, in and of itself, isn't alarming but if you hear your daughter doing it frequently, please contact me.

— In and of itself, the report was excellent but the poor grammar and spelling mistakes were distracting.

— The points we got for coming in first and second place in both races were, in and of themselves, enough for our team to get a medal.

— Having a baby is, in and of itself, a true blessing. 

— Hearing the words, "you have cancer" is traumatic in and of itself. Focus your mind on the number of people who fully recover.


  • in itself
  • by itself

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