Idiom:  in a tight spot


Idiom:  in a tight spot

  • in a very difficult situation

Example sentences

— You'll be in a tight spot if you don't start working on  your paper tonight.

— I wish I could lend you some money but I’m in a tight spot myself.

— If you buy that cell phone you'll really be in a tight spot until you get your next pay check.

— I know you're in a tight spot so I hope you will let me treat you to dinner and a movie this weekend.

— We're in a really tight spot because we need to get almost 50 orders out this evening and two people called in sick.

— When my husband couldn't work, we were in a real tight spot living on just my part-time salary.

— Is there any way you could watch my kids this evening for a couple of hours? I'm in a tight spot because my baby sitter just cancelled at the last minute.

— We hope we can finish the work at the end of the month but we're in a tight spot since the electrician hasn't finished his work yet.

— When I'm in a tight spot, I take out a cash advance on my credit card because I find it embarrassing to ask my employer for an advance on my salary.

— I was in a real tight spot when I got to the airport and realized I'd forgot my wallet in the car but my wife was able to drive back in time.


  • in a sticky situation
  • in a bind
  • in a pickle
  • in a jam
  • between a rock and a hard place
  • in hot water

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