Idiom:  in a jiffy


Idiom:  in a jiffy

  • quickly
  • very soon

Example sentences

— I’m late for a party so could you wrap that gift in a jiffy?

— “Excuse me, waiter!  You forgot to bring a spoon.” “I’m sorry. I’ll bring one in a jiffy.”

— I'm just calling to say we're on our way and will be there in a jiffy.

— We'll have your sandwich ready in a jiffy.

— I love this tailor. No matter what I bring to have altered, he gets it done in a jiffy.

— You better be ready in a jiffy or we're going to be late for the play.

— If you need to get there in a jiffy, just take an Uber.

— I'll bring the report over in a jiffy. The last few pages are printing right now.

— This is the best place to get lunch. The get the food out to you in a jiffy.

— I thought you said we'd have the report in a jiffy. Is there a problem?

— Take the Intercounty Connector. You'll get there in a jiffy because all tolls are collected at highway speed which keeps traffic free-flowing.


  • before you can blink
  • in no time (at all)
  • in a second
  • before you know it

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