Idiom:  if need be


Idiom:  if need be

  • if something becomes necessary

Example sentences

— Just invite everyone. We can take two cars to the restaurant if need be.

— I hope the repairs won’t cost too much but I’ll put the charges on my credit card if need be.

— If need be, we can rent a car to the beach if Sandy's busy.

— My dentist gave me a prescription pain killer if need be.

— Hopefully, you'll get here by midnight. If need be, I can leave the key under the doormat.

— I'm determined to lose 30 kilos and I'll even hire a fitness trainer at my gym if need be.

— I'll just buy these three items now. If need be, I can come back next week for more.

— I'm going to exercise today no matter what. If need be, I can just walk around our neighborhood instead of going to the gym.

— You shouldn't have any problems with the dogs this weekend but feel free to call me or my wife if need be.

— We can stay at my cousin's in New York if need be, but hopefully we can find a hotel.

— His behavior is becoming irrational. I will take out a restraining order against him if need be.

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  • (if something) calls for
  • if/when push comes to shove

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