Idiom:  hit the mark


Idiom:  hit the mark

  • to reach a goal or be successful

Example sentences

— I hope to hit the mark with this new technology for water purification.

— You hit the mark with that speech! Everyone listened carefully because it was so inspiring.

— We need a social media campaign that will hit the mark with young voters.

— If we raise another $10,000 today we will hit the mark for our annual campaign with three days remaining during this fundraiser.

— I think your interview hit the mark because we've never had so many viewers call in with questions and comments.

— How will you measure whether or not this effort hits the mark?

— My goal is to be a professional football player and each year I hit the mark toward each step of the process.

— They definitely hit the mark with the theme for the MET Gala this year.

— She is an amazing athlete. Every year she hits the mark in grand slalom racing.

— I never imagined we could hit the mark during the Coronavirus pandemic but growing our online presence was extremely profitable.


  • deliver the goods
  • make the cut
  • make the grade
  • pull of something

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