Idiom:  hit it off


Idiom:  hit it off

  • to immediately become friends (or very friendly) with someone

Example sentences

— My parents did not hit it off when they first met but they met again two years later and had a better meeting.

— My roommate and I hit it off the first time we met and have been close friends now for almost 40 years.

— I never hit it off with the people in my dorm so I was glad to move off campus and into an apartment my sophomore year.

— I was really relieved my boyfriend hit it off with all of my friends from high school.

— Let's hope this group hits it off. Tours are a nightmare when people don't get along.

— A few of us hit it off at the conference so we're going to keep in touch through a Facebook group.

— My trainer and I hit it off so well that we run 10K races together at least once a month.

— Don't worry, I'm sure you're going to hit it off with the kids at camp.


  • get along from the start
  • get on well

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