Idiom:  hear the last of someone


Idiom:  hear the last of someone / the last one's heard from someone

  • to not have to deal with or interact with someone again

Example sentences

— I decided to give the customer a full refund so I hope we’ve heard the last of her.

— Charlie moved to Europe and that’s the last we've heard of him.

— My ex-girlfriend texted me for the first three days of her holiday in Cancun then that's the last I've heard from her.

— I'm sure when our client receives this bill it will be the last we'll hear from him.

— Investigators said that Miss Jones's brief call to her husband on Monday evening was the last anyone had heard from her.

— The last I heard from my old boss is that the CEO had been arrested for domestic assault.

— I really hope that's the last we'll hear from your mother while we're on holiday.

— I had to finally block Sarah on Facebook and Instagram and I really hope it's the last I'll hear from her.

— I thought I'd heard the last from my old friends after I went to rehab but they still try to contact me.

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