Idiom:  hang on


Idiom:  hang on

  1. to wait 
  2. to persist or endure

Example sentences

— Hang on, I’ll be right back.

— Hang on kids, we're just 60 miles away so we'll be at grandma's house soon.

— We're really busy so you'll just have to hang on until a salesperson it's available.

— Could you hang on a moment? Someone just rang our doorbell.

— She’s hanging on to the hope her ex-boyfriend will come back to her but it’s not going to happen.

— Hang on, you've only got two more miles to run. You can do it!

— It was really difficult to hang on when I was seriously ill in the hospital but I kept thinking of my children and how I didn't want them to grow up without their mother.

— Hang on, please. I'll be with you in just a moment.


  • hold tight
  • hold on
  • be tough
  • carry on
  • hold out

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