Idiom:  hang it up


Idiom:  hang it up

  1. to stop doing something
  2. to retire from a job

Example sentences

— You’ve been working for 12 hours!  Why don’t you hang it up and go to sleep?

— I used to go to the clubs every Saturday night but I had to hang it up when I got a job.

— I hate being a bus driver and can't wait until I can hang it up.

— Our secretary is hanging it up after 30 years so we want to do something really special for her.

— Most people who want to start their own business hang it up before they even start.

— My wife and I used to love to go antiquing every weekend but we've decided to hang it up  now that we're moving into a small apartment.

— If you hate ballet so much, why don't you hang it up?

— I can't believe you're hanging it up after so many years. This restaurant holds so many memories for everyone in the neighborhood.


  • shut it down
  • wrap it up 
  • wind it up
  • bring to a close
  • give notice
  • shut down
  • throw in the towel

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