Idiom:  hand out something


Idiom:  hand out something (hand something out)

  • to give something to people present at a meeting or event

Example sentences

— Could you please hand out one of these brochures to each person?

— I can’t attend the management meeting so if they hand out any documents can you please get copies for me?

— They handed out free ice cream cones to all the kids at the shopping mall today. 

— We're handing out free samples of our latest perfume. Would you like one?

— What are they handing out flyers for?

— Before we land, the flight attendants will hand out immigration forms.

— "Where did you get the play bill?"  "They handed it out at the door when we gave them our tickets."

— I really hope they hand out ear plugs at the concert because I forgot to bring a pair from home.


  • give away

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