Idiom:  hand down something


Idiom:  hand down something (hand something down)

  • to give a used item to another person 

Note:  this is often used describe giving a used ite to a younger person in a family.

Example sentences

— I’m the fourth girl in the family so almost all my clothes are handed down to me.

— This printer was handed down to us from the accounting department.

— My aunt has such nice clothes and handbags, we're always so grateful when she hands something down.

— The kids tease me because some of the clothes handed down to me are out of style.

— "Are you handing all of these pairs of shoes down to your sister?" "No, we're giving them away to charity."

— My engagement ring was handed down for three generations of my husband's family.

— That's a gorgeous beaded jacket. Where did you get it?"  "It's a vintage jacket handed down from my great-grandmother."

— I never have any nice, new clothes. Mine were all handed down to me from my older brothers.


  • give away

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