Idiom:  hammer something out


Idiom:  hammer something out (hammer out something)

  • to create an agreement to solve a problem or situation

Example sentences

— The most important thing is that we agreed to work together—we can hammer out the details at our next meeting.

— The business deal fell through because we couldn’t hammer the financial terms out.

— The delegates hammered out the main objectives of the new Global Compact on Migration during the plenary sessions and will meet again in two months to fine tune the details.

— After they installed the new elevators, they returned every day for two weeks to hammer out some minor problems that arose.

— We tried very hard to hammer out an agreement but after several weeks of negotiations, the deal has fallen through.

— Unfortunately, we weren't able to hammer out the proposal because we didn't have all of the financial documents needed.

— We understand that the new deal, which is currently being hammered out, will be similar to the previous one but have greater protections for the environment.


  • sort out
  • hash out
  • thrash out

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