Idiom:  go off the deep end


Idiom:  go off the deep end

  • to be so upset that one cannot control one's emotions and actions

Example sentences

— When dad finds out you bent his golf club he's going to go off the deep end.

— went off the deep end when my secretary told everyone I had an appointment with a plastic surgeon. 

— My parents will go off the deep end when to find out we had a party  while they were away and our neighbors called the police.

— It's a simple mistake that can be corrected.  Why are you going off the deep end?

— I need to attend this seminar on "How to deal with difficult people." My supervisor constantly goes off the deep end and I feel nervous all day long.

— Our mother used to go off the deep end quite frequently until she started doing yoga and meditation.

— I'm really sorry that I went off the deep end last night. I've been feeling stressed out but I shouldn't ever speak to you that way.

— A customer went off the deep end and threatened to tell the owner so I'm glad we record all our telephone calls.


  • hit the roof
  • lose control
  • lose one's temper
  • flip out
  • pop one's cork

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