Idiom:  go hand in hand


Idiom:  go hand in hand

  • to work well together
  • to be closely associated or connected

Example sentences

— Try these headphones—they go hand in hand with that MP3 player.

— I think peanut butter and honey go hand in hand but everyone else likes peanut butter and jelly or jam. 

— We recommend purchasing this case—it's been specially designed to go hand in hand with the tablet.

— This carry-on bag goes hand in hand with that suitcase.

— Poverty and disability still go hand in hand in spite of US laws that were passed to ban employment discrimination based on disability.

— This study adds to the wide body of research that shows how crime, poverty, and unemployment go hand in hand.

— Ending child marriage must go hand in hand with education for girls because millions are forced to marry before they reach the age of 18, which effectively ends their education.


  • go together
  • go well with

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