Idiom:  go back on something


Idiom:  go back on something

  • to fail to keep a promise

Example sentences

— I'm so angry! My parents said I could go to the party Saturday but now they've gone back on their promise.

— If we go back on our promise to give everyone a holiday bonus, employee morale will be terrible. 

— I can't trust you anymore since you frequently go back on your promises.

— If we go back on moving into the apartment, we'll lose our security deposit.

— I hope you're not going back on the decision to hire an administrative assistant. We really need the support.

— I had a feeling our client would go back on our verbal agreement and now there's little we can do since we don't have a contract.

— If my boss goes back on his promise again to give me a promotion, I will definitely quit.

— I thought we had an agreement. If you go back on your promise to get the kids from school on Wednesdays and Fridays, I'll miss my water aerobics class.


  • bear false witness
  • take back
  • wiggle out
  • back out of
  • fail to honor
  • break a promise

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