Idiom:  go around in circles


Idiom:  go (run) around in circles

  1. to talk about something without reaching an agreement or decision
  2. to keep doing something without achieving a result

Example sentences

— I hate going to management meetings! They always last two hours and the discussions go around in circles.

— Could you help me put my itinerary together? I haven't been to Asia before and I'm going around in circles deciding which places to visit.

— The hearing went around in circles because the chairman didn't moderate the discussion effectively.

— Guys we're running around in circles and I'm getting hungry. Can someone just decide on a restaurant?

— There are so many good choices on the menu I just keep going around in circles about what to order.

— We ran around in circles for weeks before finally deciding on hiring another administrative assistant.

— We talked for almost two hours last night but the discussion went around in circles and no decision was reached.

— The next time we need to have an agenda because our talks keep going around in circles.


  • going nowhere
  • on a treadmill
  • in a viscous circle

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