Idiom:  give someone/something the once over


Idiom:  give someone/something the once over

  • to make a decision or judgment after very quickly looking at someone/something

Example sentences

— When you’re finished with that letter I’ll give it the once over before you mail it.

— You should always give your emails the once over before sending them.

— My dad always gives my outfits the once over before I go to school.

— Can you give this report the once over before we give it to the director?

— The costume director will give you the once over before you go on stage.

— Could you please give my speech the once over? I'm very nervous about it.

— I'm sorry I didn't catch those errors. You asked me to give it the once over not read it carefully for mistakes.

— How did you leave the house dressed like that? Doesn't your mom give you the once over before you leave for school?


  • go through
  • look over
  • fact check

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