Idiom:  give someone pause


Idiom:  give someone pause (for thought) / give pause

  • to make someone stop and carefully think about something
  • to cause someone to hesitate or have doubts about something

Example sentences

— Your comments that I’m always so negative really gave me pause and I realized you’re right.

— I hope this performance review will give my assistant pause for thought. If he's not more serious about his work we will have to let him go.

— My child's behavior has given me pause about this school. I think she needs more intensive support at a private school with smaller classes.

— These journal prompts are meant to give pause and to inspire reflection.

— The look on my mother's face gave me pause to think about my decision further.

— The pandemic has really given employers pause about telework and flexible work arrangements.

— Recent developments in the housing market have given us pause about investing in a rental property at this time.

— Their recent discussion about child rearing really gave Samantha pause about continuing the relationship with her fiancé.

— Your violent outbursts have really given us pause. Are you using drugs?

— My girlfriend's sabotaging my diet constantly is giving me pause. I'm not sure why she wants me to remain unhealthy and overweight.

— President Trump's administration is giving the world pause for thought. Is American democracy at risk?

— This movie is so powerful it always gives viewers pause.

— The latest mass shooting in the US barely gave people pause for thought.


  • take another look
  • think over
  • have second thoughts
  • think twice
  • see in a new light
  • sleep on

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