Idiom:  get the nod


Idiom:  get the nod

  • to get approval for something
  • to get selected for something

Example sentences

— Yes! I got the nod from my parents to get my ears pierced.

— Let’s hope we get the nod on this project’s funding within the next two weeks so we can get started.

— My son got the nod for the football team but his best friend didn't make it so he didn't want to celebrate.

— I've been anxiously waiting all week to get the nod for my request for a raise.

— You got the nod to work from home this summer? Wow, your boss is amazing.

— Did you get the nod to fly business class to the conference in Tokyo?

— If we get the nod from the planning committee today, we can start the project next month.

— I'm not going to say anything about my sister's pregnancy until I get the nod from her.

— Good afternoon passengers, we're ready for takeoff as soon as we get the nod from air traffic control.

— If this proposal doesn't get the nod, I've already drawn up a back-up plan.

— Unfortunately our bid didn't get the nod.


  • make the grade
  • be picked
  • get the go-ahead
  • get the green light

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