Idiom:  get the ball rolling


Idiom:  get (start) the ball rolling

  • to begin or start something

Example sentences

— I want to have a nice garden this summer so I started the ball rolling by planting some seeds in little pots near the window in my dining room. I'll plant these seedlings outside next month when they're larger.

— Don't wait until spring to start exercising. Just get the ball rolling now by walking the seven blocks from the metro to your office each day instead of taking the bus. 

— You should start the ball rolling on your diet by substituting one sugary or fattening food each month for a healthier alternative.

— What can I do to get the ball rolling on this year's fundraising campaign?

— If we had only started the ball rolling two months ago, we wouldn't be so frantic right now.

— I recommend you get the ball rolling on the new hire by reviewing the job description with Sarah to see whether any changes need to be made to the position before we advertise it.

— I got some binders, tab dividers, file folders and labels to get the ball rolling on the new project.

— My son got the ball rolling on our Christmas photocards by gathering some of our best photographs from the year to choose from.

— We know how busy you are, so we started the ball rolling for planning our summer trip by getting some estimates of vacation rentals in Florida.

— We have so much stuff to pack for our move. Let's get the ball rolling by ordering moving supplies and boxes.

— Please set up a kick off meeting so we can get the ball rolling on the holiday party.

— Okay, let's start the ball rolling with a round of introductions. Please tell us your name, organization and favorite ice cream flavor.


  • get something underway
  • set something in motion
  • get a move on something

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