Idiom:  get something over with


Idiom:  get something over with

  • to finish something that you don't want to do

Example sentences

  • I'm going to get my homework over with so I can watch television tonight.
  • Eat your vegetables, please. Once you get that over with you can leave the table. 
  • Can you draw my blood first? I'd like to get that over with before my wellness exam.
  • Would anyone like to get their speech over with by presenting on the first day?
  • Let's get our taxes over with early this year so we won't be so stressed out.
  • I pay all my bills with my first paycheck to get them over with and then spend my second paycheck however I want.
  • The university recommends students get their general required classes over with during their freshman and sophomore years.
  • I confessed to stealing some bottles of wine from my parents' wine cellar so I could get my punishment over with before the summer.
  • I need to exercise sometime today so I decided to get my workout over with during my lunch hour.


  • get something done

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