Idiom:  get something out of someone


Idiom:  get something out of someone

  • to cause someone to tell you something or provide information

Example sentences

— The police interrogated the murderer for two days until they finally got a confession out of her.

— My girlfriend tried to get my phone password out of me so she could secretly read all my messages and look at my photos.

— It's going to be hard to get anything out of her unless we subpoena her to testify.

— I told you your Christmas gift is a secret and you're not going to get any clues out of me.

— Everyone tried but we weren't able to get anything out of Jonathan about what he'd like to get for his birthday.

— If you want to get information out of the students, just threaten them with suspension.

— We tried but we couldn't get anything out of our professor about the test.

— We got a lot of great information out of our readers by surveying them about their needs and preferences.


  • give someone the third degree

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