Idiom:  get real


Idiom:  get real

  • be realistic
  • see things the way the really are not pretend something else is happening

Example sentences

— If you want to be the quarterback of the football team you have to get real about training instead of dreaming of how great it will be to popular.

— I was able to get into college because I finally got real my senior year and stopped spending so much time with my friends instead of studying.

— Get real!  Your parents aren't going to let you go to school dressed like that.

— The doctor told me to get real about losing 300 lbs if I really want to have a baby.

— After my husband lost his job we had to get real about our spending habits.

— It's time to get real. Getting arrested twice for drunk driving shows you've got a problem with alcohol.

— I finally got real about my YouTube channel and after posting videos regularly for the past year, I've got almost 27,000 subscribers.

— I had to tell my daughter to get real about being a runway model since she's only 5'1" but I encouraged her to think about being a hand or foot model.

— If we don't get real soon about our health, we're going to develop diabetes.


  • be serious
  • grow up
  • get your head out of the clouds

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