Idiom:  get hitched


Idiom:  get hitched (informal)

  • to marry

Example sentences

— I thought I'd never get hitched but after your mom got pregnant there wasn't really any other choice in those days.

— We're getting hitched  on June 15th so save the date!

— "Is that a wedding ring on your finger?" "Yup! My boyfriend and I got hitched last weekend."

— When I told my mom I was going to Las Vegas she was scared to death that I was getting hitched with my boyfriend.

— When are you and your girlfriend getting hitched?

— All of my friends are getting hitched so I'm spending so much money on wedding gifts.

— We got hitched on the beach in a small ceremony with just our immediate family.

— After three failed marriages, I'm never getting hitched again.

— No, I'm not getting hitched!  The " wedding ceremony"  is for my dog and his "girlfriend."


  • tie the knot
  • walk down the aisle
  • get married

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