Idiom:  get by


Idiom:  get by

  1.  to have just enough money or resources to survive
  2.  to perform just enough so that you manage a situation or don't fail

Example sentences

  • He couldn’t get by as an artist so he also waits tables at the restaurant.
  • It was difficult to get by when I was in law school so my parents gave me $400 extra each month until I graduated. 
  • It's amazing how little you need to get by when you're forced to economize.
  • You'll never get by on that salary in New York City unless you get roommates and live in Brooklyn.
  • To get by after having the baby we moved into my parents house.
  • I can just barely get by on my current salary so I'm thinking about getting a part-time job.
  • My daughter got by in high school with sewing fake Calvin Klein and Guess labels onto her jeans but now people can easily spot fake clothing.
  • His story of survival after getting lost in the woods is amazing—somehow he managed to get by on berries and water for 13 days.
  • I got by in high school with C's but if I don't study harder and attend classes regularly I'm going to fail out of college.
  • My French is just at the intermediate level but somehow I got by working in Geneva at UNICEF last summer.


  • do well enough
  • make ends meet
  • muddle through

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