Idiom:  get ahead


Idiom:  get ahead

  • to achieve success in something

Example sentences

— If you want to get ahead you’re going to have to work smarter not harder.

— My husband is taking an advanced Microsoft Excel course to help him get ahead at work.

— I'm updating the database so I can get ahead before our annual fundraising campaign.

— We got ahead by offering our team the chance to telecommute three days a week which has helped us recruit and retain the best job candidates.

— If you go to summer school you'll get ahead of your studies next year.

— My son got ahead after we hired a tutor to help him in math.

— People who flatter management always seem to get ahead at this company.

— I'm really interested in working for a leading fashion magazine. What do you recommend I do to get ahead in this field?

— Writing a daily blog is what ultimately got me ahead as a published writer.

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