Idiom:  gang up on someone


Idiom:  gang up on someone

  • when several people unite against another person

Example sentences

— Those girls used to be my friend and then one day they started ganging up on me.

— Everyone ganged up on my colleague when she suggested a higher sales target next month. 

— Your son is so courageous. I just saw him help one of his classmates when everyone ganged up on him.

— My daughter is now going to a private school because the other kids constantly ganged up on her.

— A good manager would have intervened when the sales team ganged up on the human resources representative.

— Before everyone gangs up on me, let me give you some background about why we had to cancel summer hours.

— I didn't have a chance to explain what happened before you and Jerry ganged up on me.

— In the future, just remember it's not productive to gang up on someone if you want to have a positive outcome.


  • pile on

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