Idiom:  from the get-go


Idiom:  from the get-go

  • from the beginning or start

Example sentences

— I admit it. I was jealous of your new car from the get-go.

 My roommate hated me from the get-go because I snore really loudly.

— You're very talented with languages so that's why you spoke English well from the get-go.

— Usain Bolt led the race from the get-go.

— You've caused problems from the get-go. If  you hate working here, why don't you quit?

— We had problems with our new car from the get-go.

— Sadly, the trip was a disaster from the get-go.

— I knew I'd made a mistake taking this job from the get-go so I quit after the first day.

— My girlfriend and I were interested in each other from the get-go.

— You'll love the movie—it was hilarious from the get-go.

— I'm so embarrassed that I fell asleep at the conference but the first presentation was boring from the get-go.

— After we adopted a child from China, there were problems from the get-go. Fortunately, therapy helped us become a loving family.


  • ground zero
  • first base
  • square one

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