Idiom:  for good measure


Idiom:  for good measure

  • an extra above the minimum, to make something better or ensure it's successful

Example sentences

— I’ve cooked a pork roast for our dinner tonight as well as grilled stuffed portobello mushrooms for good measure in case anyone’s vegetarian.

— She not only won the race but set a world record for good measure!

— This is tasty but add a little more cheese for good measure.

— We want their anniversary date to memorable so we also hired them a limousine for good measure.

— For good measure, in the welcome packet we provided information about good restaurants in the area.

— Try this wine with your steak for good measure.

— I memorized my lines for the play weeks ago and then practiced them with several different people for good measure.


  • as a bonus
  • to boot
  • as well
  • into the bargain

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