Idiom:  follow your nose


Idiom:  follow your nose

  1. to follow one’s intuition 
  2. to trust your own feelings about something instead of obeying rules or listening to other people's opinions
  3. to move straight forward

Example sentences

— I don’t have directions but I’ve been to this place before and I can just follow my nose.

— When my girlfriend followed her nose and looked in my backpack, she discovered a love note her sister wrote to me.

— I don't worry too much about the future because I just follow my nose when I'm faced with a big decision.

— followed my nose and didn't buy this dress a month ago and now it's on sale for 40% off.

— My parents wanted me to major in accounting in college but I followed my nose and studied French. Now I'm working at the United Nations in Geneva.

— I tried to follow my nose when I got lost hiking in the woods but I quickly learned I was going in circles.

— I didn't know where I was going but I followed my nose and found a cute café walking around in Paris.

— The train station?  Just follow your nose 500 meters and you'll see it.


  • trust your gut
  • play it by ear

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