Idiom:  float an idea


Idiom:  float an idea

  • to propose an idea just to see if people are interested

Example sentences

— I’d like to stop by your office today to float some ideas about promoting the conference.

— Before you make a final decision, you should float some ideas to your children about this summer’s activities. 

— If you're free, we've got an appointment at 2:30 to float some ideas to our client about the product launch.

— My wife floated some great ideas for our next vacation to our travel agent and we're waiting to see what itineraries she proposes.

— Ask Terri to float some ideas for the company picnic by next week. She may want to consult with some other team members.

— I can't think of anything to do for New Year's. Let's get together to float some ideas.

— Did you see my email? I floated some ideas of hotels for next weekend and we need to make reservations as soon as possible.

— Tomorrow, we'll float the idea at the board meeting to see what they think.

— We should definitely float the idea to Mr. Johnson before scheduling a meeting.

— Why didn't someone float the idea by the receptionist before changing vendors? She's the one who orders supplies and would know if the deal they offered was good or not.

— You should casually float the idea of going to Egypt for spring break. Dad will get really upset and you can protest loudly. In a couple of days, he'll agree to let you go to Miami instead.

— I was the one to float the idea of white water rafting for a team building exercise but of course I didn't get credit for suggesting it.


  • throw something out there
  • put something forward
  • put in two cents

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