Idiom:  the fine print


Idiom:  the fine print

  • the important information (often legal information) written in very small text that people often do not read

Note: On a written document, the fine print is often very small in size so it's often difficult to read. It is also often a lengthy amount of information that is difficult to read (especially if it includes legal or technical information).

As an example of the fine print, think of the information in a warranty or the information you must agree to if you update your mobile phone or use an app.

Example sentences

— Does anyone really read the fine print when they load software onto their computer?

— If you read all the fine print, you’d never take any pharmaceutical medications.

— The legal information is always included in the fine print.

— Whenever they read the fine print during a car sales commercial they have to speak 10 times faster than normal.

— My grandma literally carries a magnifying glass in her purse so she can read the fine print on packages and documents.

— Where can I get a cup of coffee? My wife is going to read and analyze every word of the fine print before she'll sign the contract.

— Ugh! There was a $195 processing fee. No, of course I didn't read the fine print! Who does that?

— Can you please have our lawyer review the fine print to make sure we have included everything?

— I've read all of the fine print regarding having sedation and now I'm not so sure I want to have the medical procedure.

— You are making it difficult to cancel my gym membership but the fine print of this contract says I cancel this agreement within 15 days.

— Please make sure you read the fine print before buying a supersaver flight. You may not be able to get any refund if something happens.

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