Idiom:  fall flat on one's face


Idiom:  fall flat on one's face

  • to fail completely, especially in an embarrassing way

Example sentences

  • I didn't practice my dance moves at all during the summer so I fell flat on my face at tryouts.
  • If you don't study for your exam, you're going to fall flat on your face and get kicked out of your sorority.
  • We fell flat on our faces at the debate because no one had prepared for it.
  • Many contestants fall flat on their faces trying out for American Idol—it's amazing they  think they can sing well.
  • It was really sad to see that guy fall flat on his face when his girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal at the football game.
  • I'm going to practice my speech all weekend so I don't fall flat on my face at the conference.
  • The presentation did not go well. The presenter fell flat on his face and some people in the audience even heckled him.


  • muck up
  • screw up

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