Idiom:  fall back on


Idiom:  fall back on (something)

  • something else to support someone after problem, failure, etc.

Example sentences

— Life insurance gives your family something to fall back on if something happens to you.

— I packed some extra food so you'll have something to fall back on if the stores are closed when you arrive. 

— We'll have to fall back on our savings if my husband doesn't get a new job soon.

— After the hurricane destroyed our home, we were very lucky that our cousin had extra furniture and other resources that we could fall back on.

— There is very little for survivors of the tsunami to fall back on because the economy was devastated.

— Food stamps is social program that needy people can fall back on to get food for their families in difficult times.

— What can we fall back on if the convention center isn't available on that date?

— In the winter, we frequently have to fall back on our generator when the electricity goes out.

— I'll fall back on my savings if my business doesn't work out.

— My children always fall back on us whenever they have problems. We need to stop solving their problems for them.


  • resort to
  • turn to
  • look to
  • draw on
  • have recourse to

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