Idiom:  fall apart


Idiom:  fall apart

  • everything goes wrong and completely fails or stops working
  • to break into pieces because something is badly made or really old
  • to be unable to control your emotions and deal with a difficult situation

Example sentences

— This sweater is so cheap—the first time I washed it, it started to fall apart.

— After she got fired from her job, the rest of her life quickly fell apart as well.

— Have you noticed that whenever you start drinking your life starts to fall apart?

— Things started falling apart in our marriage after my wife found out that I was not faithful.

— After wearing these boots for almost seven years, they're finally falling apart and it's time to get a new pair.

— Our relationship fell apart when my best friend got jealous that I was engaged and she started spreading rumors about me.

— My daughter fell apart when our dog was hit by a car and there's nothing we can do to console her.

— The cease fire fell apart when a school was bombed by the rebels. 

— My best friend started to fall apart after her father died when were were seniors in high school.

— Our alliance start to fall apart when we couldn't agree on our priorities for the year.


  • come/fall apart at the seams
  • break down
  • go to pieces

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