Idiom:  face facts


Idiom:  (let's) face facts

  • it's necessary to look at the real situation and accept it

Example sentences

— It's time to face facts—this marriage is over and I'm leaving.

— Let's face facts—it's raining hard and it isn't going to stop so we'll have to cancel the picnic scheduled for this afternoon.

— Let's face facts—our son has some real anger management issues and he needs to see a mental health professional.

— I think it's time we face facts—you're 15 pounds heavier than your last visit so I don't think it's just your dryer that's shrinking all of your clothes.

— We better face facts before it's too late: either we hire a few more people or we take fewer orders.

— My wife refuses to face facts about her allergies to our puppy because she loves him so much.

— I wish I had faced facts last year when I was only $35,000 in credit card debt.  Now, I might have to declare bankruptcy.

— It's hard to face facts, but as we get older we're less attractive to young people and even to ourselves if we don't accept the normal cycle of life.


  • (let's) face it

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