Idiom:  every inch of something


Idiom:  every inch of something

  • every part of something

Example sentences

— I’ve lived here for 50 years so I know every inch of the city.

— When I was sick with the flu, every inch of my body was sore.

— The rescue team searched every inch of the forest but couldn't find the missing five-year-old.

— It's important to check every inch of your body for ticks after hiking in the woods.

— We searched every inch of this apartment and couldn't find the car keys so we took a cab.

— Every inch of my dog was covered with burrs after he emerged from the tall grass.

— This powerful software uses aggressive scanning technology to search every inch of your computer to eliminate malware.

— My aunt died of skin cancer so my mom puts sunscreen with 30+ SPF protection on every inch of our bodies when we go out to play.

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