Idiom:  end of (story)


Idiom:  end of (story) 

  • used to say there will be no more discussion about an issue / topic

Note:  This idiom is spoken in informal English.

Example sentences

— Go upstairs now and clean up your room, end of story.

— I'm not arguing with you any more, end of

— I’m sick and I’m not cooking dinner tonight. End of.

— I tried to explain my side of the story but the principal interrupted me and said I had detention, end of.

— You will come home every single day after your football practice and do your homework. No TV, no video games, no Internet, no text messages, end of.

— The boss said that he wants us to write another lead article for the magazine. End of story.

— When you’re old enough to pay your own rent, you can decide the rules around here. Until that time, end of.

— I’m going to Europe this summer with my class. End of story.

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