Idiom:  early on


Idiom:  early on

  • a short time after something has started

Example sentences

— Early on in the day I had a terrible headache but now I'm feeling fine.

— We hoped the trip was going to be smooth but we ran into traffic early on.

— Early on in the relationship there were some signs that the guy I was dating had some anger management problems.

— I met two people early on at the conference and we attended most of the evening events together for the remainder of the week.

— Early on in your college studies it’s okay to take courses in subject matters you’re not familiar with to see if they may interest you. 

— Early on in the flight there was a lot of turbulence but most of the trip was smooth and I slept during the flight.

— I’ve missed what happened early on during the presentation but the second half was really thought-provoking.

— Many women feel nauseous earlier on in their pregnancy.

— Our subscribers need more support early on, otherwise they tend to drop their membership in the second month.

— Learning English was fun early on when I knew how to use the present and past tenses but now things are much more confusing and I feel incredibly frustrated.

— I wish I had paid more attention early on when I first had a suspicion my daughter might be experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

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