Idiom:  drive at something


Idiom:  drive at something

  • what someone is really trying to say or suggest

Example sentences

— Did you notice what her mother was driving at when she asked where your father graduated from school?

— I have no idea what the district manager was driving at this morning at the sales meeting. Do you?

— What we're driving at is that we prefer a more classic and traditional style.

— I really wasn't sure what my mother-in-law was driving at when she asked why didn't like chocolate.

— I don't think most students understood what our professor was driving at. He was just trying to emphasize the importance of primary sources in our research.

— I think we really need to rewrite this paper's conclusion so that it's crystal clear what we're driving at.

— I'm not sure what you're driving at and I don't have a lot of time, so could you please get to the point?

— Yes, I got my hair colored. What are your driving at?

— That wasn't what I was driving at. I was simply trying to explain that your insurance and service fees will be really expensive if you buy a Porsche.

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