Idiom:  drive a hard bargain


Idiom:  drive a hard bargain

  • to be good at negotiating a beneficial arrangement
  • to work very hard to negotiate a favorable deal or price in one's favor

Example sentences

  • I was able to drive a hard bargain and get a higher salary and an extra week of vacation because I had a lot more experience than the other candidates.
  • Send Jonathan to the meeting with our suppliers—he really knows how to drive a hard bargain
  • I'm sure my husband would be happy to go with you to the car dealership.  He not only knows how to drive a hard bargain but he also enjoys the process.
  • Be careful when you buy carpets on your holiday. They really know how to drive a hard bargain in the Middle East. 
  • My wife is from the Philippines so she knows how to drive a hard bargain
  • We've got customers who try to drive a hard bargain but all of our goods have set prices. 
  • The salesman drove a hard bargain but my wife wanted the necklace so badly that I had to buy it. 
  • In the end I didn't buy the antique vase.  The salesperson drove a hard bargain and I wasn't entirely sure the piece was authentic.

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