Idiom:  day and night (night and day)


Idiom:  day and night / (like) day and night

  1. all of the time, continually, nonstop
  2. used to describe a clear change or difference between two things 

Note:  When using "day and night" to talk about striking differences, we can also use the expression, "night and day."  While the expressions can be used interchangeably, "day and night" is more frequently used to show that something got worse whereas "night and day" shows something got better. Using these expressions to compare, we often preceded the expression with "like."

Example sentences

— I haven’t slept all week because my neighbor’s new baby cries day and night.

— Before we declared bankruptcy it was stressful because bill collectors called us day and night.

— If you want to be an accountant be prepared to work day and night during tax season.

— We're getting complaints day and night about the new secretary. What shall we do about it?

— Our representatives are available day and night to help with any problems you experience.

— My brother's dog used to bark day and night when he kept him in the backyard.

— The difference with my asthma has been like day and night since I moved to the city and I have to be careful to take my inhaler with me all the time.

— My sister's demeanor has been like day and night since she was crowned Miss Arizona and no one wants to hear about her pageant win anymore.

— The number of customers has been day and night since got so popular and we're problem going to have to close our business.

— Unfortunately, her vital signs are day and night from yesterday so we recommend you ask all of your family to come to the hospital immediately.

— The weather just dropped 30 degrees and is like day and night from yesterday.

— Have you stopped exercising?  Your weight is day and night from your last appointment.


  • round-the-clock
  • poles apart

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