Idiom:  day after day


Idiom:  day after day

  • several days continuously repeated
  • regularly
  • every day

Example sentences

— Day after day I went to the Apple Store to try to get the new iPhone but the sold out. After two weeks, I decided to order one online.

— This summer my daughter played tennis day after day until she developed tennis elbow.

— I had to change jobs because I got tired of driving through an hour of rush hour traffic to and from work day after day

— I don't want to hear you complain about dinner anymore. Can't you appreciate what it's like to have to cook day after day

— My English is good because I've practiced day after day for several years, not because I have a talent for languages. 

— Day after day my husband makes a complete mess of the house so I've told him will have to hire a maid if he doesn't keep things cleaner.

— You can accomplish huge goals by taking tiny steps day after day

— I've noticed you've been buying coffee from us each morning day after day for the past year and would like to offer you free coffee this week to show our appreciation. 

— I'm glad it's the summer so I don't have to nag my children day after day to do their homework. 


  • again and again
  • time after time
  • time and again
  • day in day out
  • over and over

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