Idiom:  dawn on someone


Idiom:  dawn on someone

  • to suddenly understand something
  • when something suddenly to be clear

Example sentences

  • It finally dawned on my wife that our youngest child was taking money from her purse.
  • It never dawned on us that we'd have any trouble understanding the British speaking English.
  • When did it dawn on you that you are allergic to your cat?
  • When I started to put the groceries away it dawned on me that I'd forgotten to buy bread and milk.
  • Did it ever dawn on you that I might not want your mother to come live with us?
  • When the report contained changes I hadn't approved, it slowly dawned on me that my assistant was sabotaging my work.
  • One day it will dawn on you that lying isn't helping your relationships.
  • When I heard my thirteen-year-old chatting in the bathroom it dawned on me that she may have bought a cell phone by herself.
  • As I pulled into the office parking lot it dawned on me that I'd left my lunch on the kitchen counter at home.
  • Guys, it's slowly dawning on me that we should have gotten off at the last subway stop.


  • cross someone's mind
  • spring to mind

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