Idiom:  compare notes


Idiom:  compare notes

  • to exchange information and opinions about something

Example sentences

  • We should get together and compare notes about babysitters, parks, child-friendly restaurants and stuff like that.
  • Last night I compared notes with my coworker and discovered she makes a lot more money than me.
  • My brothers both dated the same girl in high school and they're finally comparing notes.
  • If you compare notes, you'll see the new model doesn't really have many new features.
  • Several of us compared notes after the exam and now I'm sure I failed it.
  • Shall we compare notes after the conference or during lunch tomorrow?
  • My roommate wants to compare notes again after class but she never has much to share.
  • We compared notes about the presentation and Dr. Johnson had some very insightful takeaways.
  • Let's compare notes before the product demo to make sure we cover everything.


  • kick things around
  • toss ideas around
  • pick one's brain
  • put heads together
  • bounce ideas off

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