Idiom:  close call


Idiom:  close call

  • an event that almost happened
  • a difficult decision or a result that’s hard to determine

Example sentences

  • She had several close calls before she had the accident so she should’ve been more careful.
  • I've never been married before but I had a close call when I was 21 and was dating a girl from Spain.
  • That was a really close call. If I hadn't reached down to pick up my beer the baseball would have hit me in the face.
  • There have been a lot of close calls in this game. Good thing they have instant replay.
  • Did you see who won the race? No, it was a close call so we'll have to wait for them to announce the winner.
  • It's a close call but I think that Serena Williams will win today's tennis match.
  • The hiring committee said it was a close call between the two candidates but since Ms Wilson is fluent in English, Spanish and French, she can work with more clients.


  • near miss
  • narrow escape
  • a photo-finish

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