Idiom:  clean up one's act


idiom: clean up one’s act

  • to start behaving well or honestly
  • to behave better than before

Example sentences

— My parents said if I don’t clean up my act and get better grades I won’t be able to continue playing football.

— The doctor told my husband he's got really high blood pressure and that he must clean up his act by eating better and exercising.

—Your son has really cleaned his act up this semester and has made the honor roll.

Clean up your act or move out of the house. Those are your only choices.

— When I was young it took me a long time to clean up my act but life became so much easier once I did.

— My secretary needs to clean up his act. He arrives late every day and spends too much time socializing with the other members of the team.

— My daughter is trying to clean up her act but the problem is her friends—they're a terrible influence on her.

— Academic probation is a great way to help students clean up their act when they spend too much time partying and not studying.

— I know I better clean up my act soon or my boyfriend will probably leave me.

— I'm glad I was forced to clean up my act last year or I would probably be dead now.

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