Idiom:  change hands


Idiom:  change hands

  • to move from one owner to a new owner

Example sentences

  • This old house has changed hands 15 times since it was built 200 years ago.
  • Yuck! The food is terrible—Is it possible that the restaurant has changed hands since we last ate here?
  • Did you know that the used book store recently changed hands?
  • The police are investigating whether or not any money changed hands when the interim president was appointed.
  • After a day of furious trading, more than a million of the company's shares had changed hands on the stock exchange.
  • Many of the worlds most famous paintings have changed hands for hundreds of millions of dollars in private sales.
  • Our firm is about to change hands next month so we need you to submit all outstanding invoices for payment as soon as possible.
  • The villa changed hands during the Ottoman Empire.
  • I think the company is about to change hands.
  • Since this café changed hands, it's had excellent service.


  • pass on
  • trade-in

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