Idiom:  catch up on something


Idiom:  catch up on something

  • to complete things that you didn’t have time to finish before

Example sentences

— Since it was raining all weekend I caught up on my laundry and ironing.

— I'm so exhausted that tonight I'm going to catch up on sleep.

— Last night I caught up on old episodes of "Sex in the City" and "Desperate Housewives."

— Can you please catch up on our bills this week? We don't need another late payment fee.

— Have you caught up on the filing yet? We need to finish it before the audit.

— Over the weekend, we got caught up on the yard work and gardening.

— Please don't disturb me for the next hour while I catch up on the news.

— I wish I could go out tonight but I've got to catch up on my English literature class reading.

— Sandy caught me up on all of the office gossip that I missed while on vacation.

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