Idiom:  carry someone through


Idiom:  carry someone through (something)

  • to give support to someone (something) so they can achieve a desired result.

Example sentences

— I need to hire some temporary employees to help carry me through the extra work at tax time.

— Listening to calming music helped carry me through studying for my final exams. 

— My girlfriends really helped carry me through my divorce.

— I need some coffee too help carry me through this afternoon's meeting.

— My wife just mailed a huge care package of snacks to help carry our son through final exams.

— The members of our church really helped carry us through with home cooked meals and emotional support when my husband was being treated for cancer.

— Here's $1,000 to help carry you through the next month until you start your job.

— The fans cheering from the side of the road really helped carry me through the last six miles of the race when I wanted to give up.

— The audience would love to know what helped carry you through after your surgery and during the year you were in rehab.

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